Loan Applications Made Easy

Hi, I’m Bill Sweeney, Experienced Banker, Coral Springs, Florida

I am here to help your business get the capital it needs to offset the financial damage of Covid-19. I review the government CARES loan options with you and prepare the loan packages. No need to be confused, just leave it to me to do!

My Message

With a family of my own, I used to be a Business Banker with one of the larger banks in Florida , until they let me go as a result of the Covid-19 crisis.

Not wanting to remain stagnant in these times I decided to become an Entrepreneur and open up Direct Business Solutions, offering my expert services to my customers who need help in figuring out how to get emergency funds in this time of crisis.

My Services

I am on top of the government program offerings and know what plans are out there and what needs to be done to give you the best chance possible of getting the funds you need. You can expect the following as part of my services:

  • Analyze your business requirements.
  • Review your financial documentation
  • Review your tax return
  • Recommend the program(s) that fits your business
  • Provide you with a list of documents that are needed to prepare your application
  • Prepare and review the documentation ready for your signature
  • Submit the documentation either to SBA, State of Florida, or your bank or another bank.
  • Follow up if there are any additional questions

How much do I charge ?

I charge a flat rate per application. That’s It.

To give you the attention you need, I require my fees in advance and I also take Credit Card payments.

Bill Sweeney
Tel : 754 229 3999